My Personal Journey

Like many who become passionate about health and wellness, my story begins with sickness. My mother had several chronic illnesses that led to a diagnosis of terminal cancer at  the age of 59. After navigating the confusing maze of the conventional care system with her, I learned how important it is to be educated and advocate for your own health and those you love.  Trying to learn how to do this in the midst of a personal crisis was frustrating and exhausting.

I began to have my own health issues in the years that followed my mother’s death.  Although my doctor said there was nothing diagnosable, I knew I didn’t feel right. I decided to be proactive, so I researched my symptoms and lab values and learned a primal, whole-foods lifestyle was a route to natural healing.

In a very short time, I felt new energy, new hope and a cloud was lifted! In the following months a whole host of seemingly unrelated symptoms– joint pain, canker sores, neuropathy, night sweats, fatigue, brain-fog, constipation, irregular cycles, melasma, low-grade depression were improving or disappearing!

My passion for learning the dynamics of the body systems grew quickly, along with a desire to shift gears into a career in health and wellness. My background in physiology, counseling, and psychology finally converged into the career I always wanted but couldn’t pursue until it existed! I now get the joy of helping others find clarity in the confusion and empower them towards more radiant health.

With Warmest Abundance,

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy
  • Institute for Functional Health Coaching
  • School of Applied Functional Medicine
  • Graduate Study in Occupational Therapy
  • BA Psychology, UNC Chapel Hill

If you want to be happy, you have to be happy on purpose

William James

The Struggle is REAL!

I’m a wife, mom and food lover. I try to make the healthiest choices for myself and my family, but we all love to eat good food!  And let’s face it–I’m living with teenagers! Here we are at Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada on our cross-country road trip. It was a highlight of the trip for my kids. To add perspective, Bobby’s Burgers beat out the jaw-dropping beauty of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the California Redwoods. Like I said, we love food…. and they’re teenagers…

Progress over perfection!